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Lactose Free Milk

lactose free milk featured

There are so many lactose free drink options in the dairy case now. Most of them are non-dairy “milks.” But did you know that there is a dairy option that is lactose free? Read on to find out what lactose is and how it is removed to make lactose free dairy milk. Lactose Free Milk…

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How to Wash Fresh Produce

how to wash fresh fruits and vegetables featured

Washing fresh fruits and vegetables is an important step to good food safety practices. It’s a fast and easy habit you can get into, right in your own kitchen. How to Wash Fresh Produce All fresh produce needs to be washed before you eat it, no matter where you got it from or how you’re…

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How Much Fat Is In Milk?

how much fat is in milk featured

If you buy milk – at all – you’re used to seeing the fat percent labels. Whole, 2%, 1%, and skim. We all know that whole milk has the most fat and skim milk has no fat. But how much is “the most”? And what do 2% and 1% really mean? How Much Fat Is…

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How to Marinate

how to marinate featured

Marinating meat and vegetables is a great way to pack more flavor into a simple dinner. There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you’re getting your marinades ready and while your food is getting a good soak. What is a Marinade? A marinade (with a “d”) is a type of sauce that…

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How to Chop an Onion

how to chop an onion featured

Does chopping onions take you forever? Like, you don’t want to cook anything with onions in it, forever? Do they make you cry? And then you can’t get the smell off your hands? I have got the answers for you! How to Chop an Onion Chopping an onion doesn’t have to take up most of…

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