E. coli Food Poisoning

You have probably heard about E. coli. It has given meat, fruit, and veggies some pretty bad press. E. coli is actually Escherichia coli. But no one can pronounce Escherichia, so everyone just calls it E. for short. Now that we’re on first name terms with this little bacteria, let’s get a little more up …

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Cryptosporidium Food Poisoning

Cryptosporidium is a microscopic parasite that lives in the intestines of infected animals and people, and is shed in manure and feces. It is the most common cause of waterborne illness in the United States. Both the parasite and the disease caused by the parasite are often called simply “Crypto”. The most common way that people …

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Campylobacter Food Poisoning

campylobacter food poisoning

Campylobacter is the second most common cause of food poisoning in the United States, right behind Salmonella. Campylobacter food poisoning is usually caused by the bacteria Campylobacter jejuni (although there are other types of Campylobacter that can also cause food poisoning). Eating as few as 500 of these microscopic bacteria can …

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Salmonella Food Poisoning


Salmonella is the most common cause of food-borne illness. It causes 1.2 million cases of food poisoning in the United States every year! Food poisoning from Salmonella usually causes fever, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. These signs usually don’t start until at least 12 hours, and sometimes as long as 72 …

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Don’t Wash Your Chicken

dont wash your chicken

Do you wash chicken off in the sink before you cook it? If you do, you’re not alone. Almost half of all the people who cook poultry (chicken or turkey) rinse it before they cook it. Turns out, that isn’t such a great idea. Raw chicken and turkey can carry the bacteria …

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