Different Types of Oatmeal

different types of oatmeal featured

We love oatmeal in our house. In fact, we have 4 different types of oats in our pantry right now! Why 4 different kinds? Because they all have a different use! Check out the difference between steel cut, old-fashioned, quick-cooking, and instant oats. You just might find a new favorite! Oats …

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Is Your Thermometer Right?

is your thermometer right

The holidays are here, and there is lots of cooking going on, at least in my kitchen! One of my most important kitchen gadgets is my meat thermometer, and I have a variety of options. If you haven’t calibrated your thermometer lately (or ever), now is the perfect time to …

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Food Safety Recap

food safety

Food borne illnesses are a real risk, even with all the safeguards that are in place in the United States to help ensure that we have access to safe food. Some of the responsibility for food safety lies in your own kitchen, too. It’s so easy to protect yourself and …

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To GMO or to non-GMO?

to gmo or to non-gmo

How do farmers choose the type of seeds they will plant? Every farmer has the choice whether he will plant GMO or non-GMO crops. The decision to plant GMO or non-GMO seeds is based on many factors, including the area of the country, the weather predictions, the soil types, the …

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