Book Review: Who Grew My Soup?

“Who Grew My Soup?” is a fun book that explores where the vegetables in vegetable soup come from.

Who Grew My Soup cover

Phineas Quinn was out playing ball when his mother called him in for lunch. What boy wants to stop playing ball? For lunch? For soup?

Who Grew My Soup no soup for me

The book is filled with rhymes like this one… (who would have thought to rhyme “sugars” with “boogers”?)

Who Grew My Soup plan

How often have you said “Don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been!” Well, that was Phin’s plan. He wasn’t going to eat his soup until someone could tell him where it had been!

Who Grew My Soup where is it from

Lucky for Phin’s mom, a giant tomato balloon came out of the sky, and Mr. Mattoo took him flying away to find out!

Who Grew My Soup flying tomato balloon

They visited Farmer Hitchner, who grows the carrots. (Mr. Hitchner is a real person who grows vegetables on a third-generation family farm for Campbell’s soup.)

Who Grew My Soup carrots

And they visited Farmer Perez who grows the tomatoes. (Mr. Perez is also a farmer who has grown tomatoes for Campbell’s soup for over 40 years.)

Who Grew My Soup tomatoes

They traveled all over, to see where all the vegetables come from to make up one can of vegetable soup.

And guess what? When Phin got home, he finally tried the soup!

“…he knew he’d been beaten. That soup was the best thing that he’d ever eaten!”

Who Grew My Soup its delicious

Are your kids picky eaters? Pick up “Who Grew My Soup?” and you might just broaden their horizons a little bit!

Also try “How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” (reviewed here) to go on a similar journey from the farm to the table.

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  1. I love this book and so did Mrs. Seib when Ciara took it for Show and Tell the Monday after we received it!!! She wanted to know where I got it and lucky for her she knew just who to contact to get a copy for school!

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